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Our team has worked in the production industry professionally for over ten years, in a variety of positions. We are committed to quality, best practices, and because this is our passion, we have a lot of fun doing it!

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Detroit, Southeast Michigan, Grand Rapids, Northern Michigan, Traverse City, and the Upper Peninsula USA

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Our Rentals

Motor Coach

Production Motor Coach
Two(2) 17" Studio Monitors
3000w Power Invertor
850 lb. Lift | 2200w Generator

Mobile Video Village

Our motor coach provides
multiple production uses.
From stand alone
to mobile video village.

Camera Package

Sony A7Sii Camera
Sony 18-110 Lens
Sony 200-600 Lens
Sony 2X Teleconverter Lens


Camera Cart | 22' Jib | 12' Jib
Gimbal Crane Lab 3 | Easy Dolly
w/12' Track | Rain Machine
36 Production Stage Flats

Safety Package

Our safety package includes
cones, vests
and first aid kit.


Warehouse Space Available
If needed.
Up to 4000 sq ft.

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Motor Coach

Motor Coach | DIT Package | Mobile Video Village

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Lots of possibilities with our Production Mobile Coach Rental options. Call or Text to discuss your production needs today.

• 850 lb. Lift
• Two(2) 17" Studio Monitors
• 3000w Power Invertor
• 2200w Generator
• 3500w Generator
• Camera Cart
• CarPlay
• Android Auto
• Safety Package

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